Karen Shannon lives outside the village of Dromore in the heart of County Down, Northern Ireland. She graduated from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1985 with a degree in Textiles and after completing an Art Teachers Diploma taught art and design in further education until setting up as a designer craftsperson in 1998.

Karen has developed her interest in decorative work and has created this collection of contemporary mixed-media wallpieces inspired by the magical world of storytelling.

Enter through the archways to delve into a fairytale paradise where exotic birds and tropical flowers abound and where you can explore the rolling seas above which guardian angels sit amongst the moon and stars.

The work is created using a diverse range of materials - hand cast plaster, embossed and antiqued or chemically verdigrised copper, brass, aluminium and pewter, and paints enhanced with powdered metals. The work is framed in natural wood frames and sizes quoted include this frame.

A selection of some of the pieces from Karen's current collection can be found on the site.

karen shannon handcrafted design